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ahhhhhh, sigh, finally a real entry. so things are going well, but i feel pretty busy. first of all in english we are doing the play, which isn't that much, but we haven't even talked about our other project because of it (the research project that we will present to the classs). ahh, and i have barely started (i mean i have 2 web sites and a book, but very few notes, haha). then we have the science design taht feds and i still have to finish because we decided to make a rube goldberg machine, which has to have 20 steps (becuase we're working together.) which will be a challenge! we already have designed 15 of them, but now we have to get all of the stuff and put it together!!! then i have the history quiz tomorrow because i didn;t take it today (because of the kids from jackson st.)...

hmmph and i wanted to go to the campus school 6th graders graduation. well, kind of. are any of you guys going? feds (is your brother going)? wow, wait none of you guys went to the campus school, oopps!!
well actually i don't have that much work to do, i'll survive. at least i can do most of it over the weekend!

okay, i'm going to go have a quick snack and then do homework, boring as i am!

love elise

oh and do we have history homework, btw?? because i missed history today (again because of the kids from jackson st. taht came)
i hope not...
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my brother's piano song, taht i have stuck in my head!!!
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On June 3rd, 2005 12:21 am (UTC), leoncinaitalian commented:
ok, this is going to sound really stupid and helpless but i figured out the last 2 steps, and they are really stupid. you know how dogs are attracted by weird noises? well, we are going to put a small tape player at the end of the thing and when the car reaches it, it will push the botton (step19) and then it will make a weird sound attracting the dog to come get his dinner (step 20) i know that sounds pathetic but it will work. do u have a mini take reocrder we could use? i don't know, maybe i have one.

Love feds
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On June 3rd, 2005 12:23 am (UTC), eliseypooo replied:
haha, that's great, and yes, funny, but great! welll....my brother has a kind of mini tape recorder...i'll see what i can do!!

wait! what was the history homework though??!!

hmph, i'm not doing it, whatever it is...

loooove elise
On June 3rd, 2005 12:39 am (UTC), leoncinaitalian replied:
we ahd to take notes after we finished the test, but they were in the lil books so no hw
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