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hmmm, i'm feeling kind of happy, but kind of numb. my poor brother slept literally all day and is now in bed w/ a fever. i feel so bad for him! poor little guy!!

speakiing of little guys, maya your brother is so sweet! haha, he played four square w/ us!! we're cool, i know.

anyway, my dear becky has not yet come, i dont think, so i am very sad indeed.

well, i think i better write a list of what to do tonight:
    - finish science homework
    - finish memorizing lines
    - call feds
    - finish card for my grandmother's b-day
    - burn wish you were here (so i can give it back to sarah tomorrow)...PINK FLOYD!!!
    - finish this entry, ;)

okay welll at least i'm finishing the last thing!!

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On May 31st, 2005 01:34 am (UTC), drummchicka31 commented:
ahh ur entryt sent me into a level of panic as i realize that not only do i hav to finish studying for science, i also have to memorize lines. o gawd this should be an all nighter.
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