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orange, orange, orange. soo, today has definitely been an orange day!! soo we had our first track practice, which was awesome. alex,chris beef, thea and i were all there!! and you should really come and join us next week (thea jsut came to watch, which is actually very fun because the races are fairly short.) okay i know i'm boring you to death, but i'm so happy about it. in the last 200 relay (we each run 200 meters) this other 8th grade girl had a pretty big lead and i beat her!! yyyyyyaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, i came in first. sry, i was sooo happy that i caught up to her and then passed her, it was AWESOME!!

oh, how was the latin trip for any of you annoying ppl that went??

love elise

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sleepy tired, but previously hyper!!!
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so long- rilo kiley
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On May 29th, 2005 03:16 pm (UTC), eliseypooo commented:
wow, becky, that is surprising...haha, i never thought you would go to the dark side,lol...no, totally kidding!!

ok maya, i'll try to explain it to you. first, have you found an icon that you like? if not search google/yahoo or whatever for livejournal icons (they have to be no bigger than 100x100) then you just save the picture and go to manage and user pictures. now you go click on where it says from file and click on browse. then you find the picture you wanted and press open. then you just press proceed and you're done!! yeah!! i can show you toonight (if we have the sleepover, which i hope we do!)

love elise
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