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orange, orange, orange. soo, today has definitely been an orange day!! soo we had our first track practice, which was awesome. alex,chris beef, thea and i were all there!! and you should really come and join us next week (thea jsut came to watch, which is actually very fun because the races are fairly short.) okay i know i'm boring you to death, but i'm so happy about it. in the last 200 relay (we each run 200 meters) this other 8th grade girl had a pretty big lead and i beat her!! yyyyyyaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, i came in first. sry, i was sooo happy that i caught up to her and then passed her, it was AWESOME!!

oh, how was the latin trip for any of you annoying ppl that went??

love elise

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sleepy tired, but previously hyper!!!
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so long- rilo kiley
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On May 28th, 2005 02:00 am (UTC), eliseypooo commented:
CRAP!! i meant to put that, orange is the color of my track team!!!!!
and the potential color i would die my hair, if i were going to... it would be kinda cool for track tho...;)

wow, stupid me!!

love elise
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