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ahh, don't you just love how in summer you just lose track of the days?! ha, this week monday was just like everyother day, no unpleasant early mornings, no school, ;). well, on monday ( i think it was monday, but yeah, i can't really remember) zoe and i went downtown and then met up w/ hannah z. which was fun. and then hannah got the awesomest pants that we all fell in love w/.and that was fun.

so, then, yesterday we drove my mom to the airport because she volunteered for this awesome writing workshop for seniors (and maybe juniors too) to help them prepare for college. yeah, i must say i'm very proud of her, especially since she is so busy. k, then i went over to miss spicer's house (holly btw) and we had a kind of good bye dinner because she's going to camp tomorrow, (well today) sniff. and sadly i won't see her until july 24thish. and becky's gone too...:(. i think she;s left now...?

and then we went to see mad hot ballroom...and holly and i like fell in love w/ this one little boy. he's sooo cute!! ha and i saw hannah and she was so funnny, she introduced me to her parents and told them that i was her spanish buddy, ha. i looove you miss hannah!!

and now i'm home and we're going to go do some errands. fun. and i have to do a thoughtful entry, but i'm too tired and yeah, so maybe tomorrow.

love elise
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haha, guys this is the best!! it's star wars w/ food!! well you'll see...


soo, i don;t have much else to say except that you all should go see this.

yes, so today i went to becky's party along with a ton of other cool ppl! we hung out and played frisbee and talked and ate cake and got wet/went swimming. i wanted it to rain, but also i'm soo glad it didn't rain. and yes, it was soo much fun to be w/ all of you guys!! yeah, fun, fun, fun!!

happy birthday becky, ms. even-though-my-birthday's-in-march-i-still-have-my-party-in-june!! that was verrry fun, yes, it twas!!

love elise

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hmmm, well this is my third entry today, but it's ummm............ private. i've been soo sad today, and crying, it's most unlike me... well i feel like i need to do a general update and i feel like making a list...


things to consider doing

  • cleaning up my room...like actually doing some thing!!
  • ENGLISH PROJECT!! argh, i'm such a procastinator, ;)
  • homework??? wait no............ check, :)...i think.
  • calling emma, btw, does anyone have green tights, that they could bring in tomorrow, long green socks would work too??
  • call becky-ask her to bring over more adventurous, which is long over due!!!
  • loook over lines, probably for the last time...
  • let in my dog, who is barking outside

well, my dog is in fact scratching/barking ouside, so i must go. tend to her.


looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee elise

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WEST WING!! ICON!! well, guys, which one do you like better??

love elise

maybe i'll just have to switch them around...hmmm, what do you think??

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ahhhhhh, sigh, finally a real entry. so things are going well, but i feel pretty busy. first of all in english we are doing the play, which isn't that much, but we haven't even talked about our other project because of it (the research project that we will present to the classs). ahh, and i have barely started (i mean i have 2 web sites and a book, but very few notes, haha). then we have the science design taht feds and i still have to finish because we decided to make a rube goldberg machine, which has to have 20 steps (becuase we're working together.) which will be a challenge! we already have designed 15 of them, but now we have to get all of the stuff and put it together!!! then i have the history quiz tomorrow because i didn;t take it today (because of the kids from jackson st.)...

hmmph and i wanted to go to the campus school 6th graders graduation. well, kind of. are any of you guys going? feds (is your brother going)? wow, wait none of you guys went to the campus school, oopps!!
well actually i don't have that much work to do, i'll survive. at least i can do most of it over the weekend!

okay, i'm going to go have a quick snack and then do homework, boring as i am!

love elise

oh and do we have history homework, btw?? because i missed history today (again because of the kids from jackson st. taht came)
i hope not...
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hmmm, i'm feeling kind of happy, but kind of numb. my poor brother slept literally all day and is now in bed w/ a fever. i feel so bad for him! poor little guy!!

speakiing of little guys, maya your brother is so sweet! haha, he played four square w/ us!! we're cool, i know.

anyway, my dear becky has not yet come, i dont think, so i am very sad indeed.

well, i think i better write a list of what to do tonight:
    - finish science homework
    - finish memorizing lines
    - call feds
    - finish card for my grandmother's b-day
    - burn wish you were here (so i can give it back to sarah tomorrow)...PINK FLOYD!!!
    - finish this entry, ;)

okay welll at least i'm finishing the last thing!!

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orange, orange, orange. soo, today has definitely been an orange day!! soo we had our first track practice, which was awesome. alex,chris beef, thea and i were all there!! and you should really come and join us next week (thea jsut came to watch, which is actually very fun because the races are fairly short.) okay i know i'm boring you to death, but i'm so happy about it. in the last 200 relay (we each run 200 meters) this other 8th grade girl had a pretty big lead and i beat her!! yyyyyyaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, i came in first. sry, i was sooo happy that i caught up to her and then passed her, it was AWESOME!!

oh, how was the latin trip for any of you annoying ppl that went??

love elise

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well, another day in the life of elise...

okay, so i was in a goood mood until i thought about the french kiddies going to montreal and the stupid latin children on their trip to boston.

hymph, i must admit, i'm scowling now. so becky dear and thea dear and i all bought the materials for our beautious bags. which are indead, umm... great!! yeah, well they aren't as good as the shoes, but it twill be fun. i think jsut watching becky sewing on her ribbon was enough of a reward, lol!!! haha, becky can't sew straight for her life!! so now i thought of a few random questions...

1) which would you rather do, be the first person to go to the moon OR go to a far away country w/ all of your friends??
2) what are your two or three favorite bands/singers right now?
3) who are your two/ three favorite singers/bands of all time??
4) what are your first thoughts waking up in the morning??

have fun...i guess

love elise

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well yes, i'm going to be unoriginal and do a plus and minus list, like becko! and michaela.

+ rilo kiley, the concert was sooo fun
+ my room is all nice and clean right now, and i illllllllooooooooove it!!
- i don't have more adventurous by rilo kiley ;(...
+ but i'm going to turn it up sooooooon to get it!! i think.
- mean study hall teachers. OUR mean study hall teacher!!! >:( (giselle, i am soooo sorry, i still can't believe that)
+ there is only a small, short amount of school left!!
-/+ dance. tonight. poo.
+ i am actually doing pretty well in math, well i guess everyone did well on that last quiz!! ;)
+ thom is happy. like REALLY happy. about little zoe.
- vonzel got voted off american idol and now, i don't love either of either of them...poo.
+ my hair ReALLY refuses to cooperate!!
+++++ becky and i are going to hang out tomorrow and make our bags!!!!
- it is wet and rainy and cold outside. and in my room. and house.
++++++++++++ i have thhhheee best friends EVER!!!!

ok, so yes, now i am off to have a nice little snack, something warm!!

love lise
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sigh, wow, i acually haven't updated in like 2 days!! gasp, anyway, i've actually been amazingly busy!!

saturday and sunday: i went to thom;s b-day w/ a bunch of other people and we hung out and went on the bumper boats and stuff. then, i had a wicked awesome sleepover w/ thea, maya, feds and sarah (at thea's house).we all made huge amounts of hemp necklaces and talked and thea cleaned out her closet, which was kinda fun. i've always liked the idea of sharing clothes w/ my friends (either trading or jsut when you outgrown them) so maya and i were trying on some of thea's old jeans (which are amazingly long by the way) which like actually fit me, which was another minor miracle, lol. so now i'm goinna use some of her old pants to make a bag, i think...
then at about noon, i totally moved around my room and cleaned it up, so now it is soo nice, i loooveeeeeeeee it!!
so then on monday at like 8 i went to the rilo kiley concert, which was awesome. i wish i didn't feel so guilty about poor becca and hannah (z.) though. we missed you guys like crazy :(...

wow, i've been so happy since the concert, it's weird...i also kind of feel like it's friday, which adds to my happiness, even though sadly it is not...
so now i am going to finish up my history homework and study for the science quizzy, yes i will...
and maybe write more later when i'm not feeling so out of it and calm...

love elise
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